The Synth Art Exhibition, Part 2

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New dimensions for wandering minds

This new part of the Exhibition summarizes my last year efforts. I believe, the new works are a bit closer to what may look like a 'traditional art'. More intense use of pseudo-3D effects (bevelling, shadowing, 'glassing', embossing), as well as many new 'real' 3D works, experimenting with painting techniques, use of wider software tools palette. Still, fractals are in the heart of many images, but overall this graphics got more organic, I think. Here's the link to the 1st part of The Synth Art, - for you to see where it all comes from.

Colors and Shapes

Most synthetical section here, dedicated almost completely to fractals. Bizarre, but beautiful color gammas and forms, which you'll never find in our visible world. Yet, I'm trying to give them extra hints of reality, like glass-looking or plastic-covered surfaces, casting shadows from invisible light sources, etc.

Digitally Re-mastered

Here the real life elements come into play: photographed objects (human faces and other) are placed into synthetically generated environments. This is a realm of sophisticated computer-assisted backgrounds and textures. Again, much of bevelling, glassing and drop-shadowing, - everything which helps to bring a new or unusual mood and context. Note: This is a double room.

Exercises In Style

This is not a real attempt to mimic famous painting styles or photo-retouching techniques. I never subscribed to the idea that the computer and graphical software should only be a digital substitute for traditional, 'analog' brushes, photo-lenses and such. However, every now and then it becomes too tempting to me to try (digitally) adjusting ordinary photo-landscapes, scenes and portraits, so that the result will resemble some already known style. I don't think I have any idea whom I was imitating in these works, but it looks like I've got a taste of it.

Somewhere In Space

Strange skies and landscapes. Extra dimensions and relativity. Unknown (flying?) objects, not exactly belonging here. Still, the human mind is not completely left behind. You can join the quest there.

A Passion Play

These are the works I am most satisfied with. Technically, they were made in a similar way to other late collage images, except that I utilized Fractal Design Painter program in two of them. What sets these pictures apart, however, is their emotional quality. Judge yourself...

Room Full Of Dimensions

Another CPU-intensive voyage to the 3D graphics world... When working in 3D, I rarely pursue to digitally re-create objects or scenes of our real world (kind of disease much of the current 3D 'art' production suffers from), but rather create geometrical and colorful fantasies, - just like in 2D, but augmented by true dimensional projections, refractions, lights and shadows, and so on. Synthetical imagery and models, like fractals and shapes derived from mathematical formulae, are frequent in these scenes , accompanied - as usual in Synth Art - by 'photo-quotes' from more traditional sources.
Most of the still images here were made under great 3D program trueSpace, which I still enjoy using (while it gets better and better with every version). Other pictures were made under Bryce, not less wonderful program, using the same approach (see if you can find out, which ones come from Bryce... ;-) Note: This is a triple room.

Introducing The Garden Of Mirrors

Check out this recently installed amazing "The Garden Of Mirrors" page. Unique 3D mirror designs, you will want to have them in your house for real... (Warning: bandwidth-hungry) Opened on May 4th, 1998

NEW! Entering the Drip World

Here is an unique gallery of the most organic computer-generated imagery, made exploiting the fantastic FD Painter's drip cloning method. Weblished on Oct 26th, 1998.

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