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Welcome to the Synth Art

This all began from experiments with fractals. Like many others, I was fascinated by their beautiful shapes and colors, by virtually endless universe of objects I can built starting to explore from every randomly taken fractal's point. Then (some 150 rendered fractals later :-), I found that, given a wide enough palette of software tools and photo-sources, it's possible to create even more mind-boggling images, trying to merge seamlessly these math creatures with pictures of real-world objects, or views, or human faces.

Not every fractal purist would agree that this all is worth 'spoiling' of the original perfection; on the opposite side of view, those whose goal is to defend the 'real art' would never take seriously a rendered math piece as having any significant value, whether it is combined with photo- or traditionally painted elements, or not.

But it's up to you to judge now, if this approach works...

Strange spaces, Strange forms

Here you'll see fractals in all their weirdness and beauty, yet augmented by real-world species. They also make spectacular breakthrough into 3D world.

The gift of Sensuality

Woman's face (and, yeah, body) can be implanted beautifully into an artificial, synthetic background. Results are sometimes truly stunning. Take a look at this romantic section. Should show what might be done with one's average family album photos...

Hey you, sci-fi fans

I admit, I've been a hard-core science fiction addict thru my childhood and youth. Even tried to write something myself. At this stage I can afford only sporadical reading (sigh...). It's wonderful that, having left a hope to write ever anything decent, I found another way to exercise my imagination: a visual one. This dedicated sci-fi section contains most characteristical works.

A touch of Magic

I hope you'll have your share of amazement, looking at the colors and shapes revealed by the images at this room of the Exhibition. A cold math?

The Chaos and the People

More on the 'human+fractal superimposing' theme... I like to see as well what can happen with a geometrically decomposed and rearranged body (or face) being thrown onto the electronic canvas some programmed way. See also (sort of) tribute to Kai Krause at this peculiar department of the Exhibition.

Live Fractals: the very best of

To me, fractal images are an inspiring and endless source for these Synth Art compositions. Of course, fractals may look quite striking themselves, if I'm lucky to find an interesting figure and colors gamma in some obscure corner of the math universe. Visit the Live Fractals gallery to see the complete collection of my fractal works, in-depth topics, links and more. While being my earlier 'installation', it is still worth looking at. The current Exhibition includes 'The very best of' hall containing a number of images I consider most essential, - in all their appearance left intact.

Don't miss this movie

Yes, here they come, clips, featuring fractal zoom-in flights, metamorphoses, and morphing. Note that the MPEG files here are pretty heavy: sizes vary from 3 to 4 Mb (except for the 155 Kb morph). You can opt also for visiting the most known and popular place of this kind: Fractal Movie Archive , but I doubt if you can find any presence of Michelangelo there...

To be continued!

See the newly installed Synth Art, Part 2.

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