July 27, 2003: Breaking a loooong pause (happening due to my full-time involvement in a large-scale software project) on this site: a new collection of digital collages made - this time - by my very daughter Maria. Masha's Digital Art showcases her first but already remarkable series of works (some of which are strangely reminiscent of my own compositions from a not-so-distant past).

September 30, 2002: A large (and I mean large) collection of the digital photo-images that I made in recent years is finally released as the Assorted photo-albums 2000-2002 page. (Actually, it's a set of pages presenting the photos in a very fresh and convenient manner). Not every picture there is a true work of art, admittedly, but most of them should please your eye. A hint: don't miss the qtvr panoramas!

April 30, 2002: Those who are equipped with a cable, ADSL modem, or even better Internet connection, will appreciate the new page with six super-high-resolution digital panoramic Artscapes, - a pure feest for the eye!

April 15, 2002: A wonderful online poetry magazine called Pierian springs has kindly asked me to submit a few of my older digital still image works to be published in their latest two-months issue, in the dedicated Art Gallery section (click here to get to the page with the exhibited images directly). If you decide to take a look at that magazine, don't forget also to check out the other exposed artists, - their art is nothing short of stunning (not mentioning the quality of the poetry works featured, of course)!

February 28, 2002: Magic moments and Faces to remember, a double page featuring memorable collection of my recent digital photo-works, has been installed.

October 3, 2001: The Shop section of SynthArt has been extended with the two new stores: Posters and T-shirts. These two types of SynthArt merchandise are possible to purchase now thanks to great facilities of the new online store called Zazzle.com.

September 13, 2001: The new Shop section of SynthArt has been opened, with the single product for sale so far: the double set of SynthArt Vol. I/II CD-ROMs (more of merchandise items with the SynthArt graphics on them, like posters, mousepads, t-shrts, etc., will follow later on). This historical for the site day has coincided with completion of the massive internal re-design work throughout literally all site's pages meant to make the surfing experience maximally efficient and visually rewarding, browser- and video resolution-independent (as much as possible), javascript-enabled and user-of-all-kinds-friendly.

August 21, 2001: After a long break due to the extensive author's work on the SynthArt Vol.I/II CD-ROM products, a number of new powerful entries arrives on the site: a big animation work Treasures of the Medici, a QTVR photo-landscapes collection, still image pages Fractal Papillon and Raie from Katia and Liquid Marble. Unlike the whole previous history of SynthArt, these works were first made for the CD-ROM playback (except for the fractals from Katia), and only much later a web-friendly version was made for each of them.

January 5, 2001: Pictures from a mountains paradise, a series of 23 photo-images (chosen from a collection of hundreds more) made on the last vacations in Slovenia, will show you the unspeakable beauty of that not very well-known paradise on the Earth.

November 29, 2000: From young Marlon to the Godfather is a striking morph animation featuring a smooth metamorphose from young Marlon Brando to his famous screen personage Don Corleone.

July 27, 2000: Constellation Eros is a fresh selection of the still composition works exploring the old, but never obsolete theme of the woman's sensual imagination. This is the second (since 1995) author's concentrated effort in the digital erotics art.

July 3, 2000: The brand new Artistic Contours site, made by the same hands as this SynthArt one, invites the first visitors to a small but exclusively designed online gallery, featuring an old Religious Art, contemporary Fine Art and - as a sign of special recognition - extensive Synth Art works selection.

May 24, 2000: A cutting-edge multi-media show Gold with many faces is installed, - after many months of laborous work, but with the remarkable result. Might be too big for your average 56K modem, though.

May 12, 2000: Into the Grey Matter is a new animation page with variations of the same fractal flight clip. Pretty hypnotic.

May 8, 2000: Finally, a sound of music on Synth Art!. Victor Solomin: domra transcriptions and performance is a new page featuring rich sound of the domra, as transcripted from Bach's classical works and performed by a renowned Ukrainian-born composer and virtuoso player, the site's first guest musician.

May 1, 2000: the Guests Book has been 're-incarnated': now it's available as a separate page with two frames: one to enter impressions and one containing the people's collected reactions so far. Easy to load, to view and to write in, - everybody is welcome to try it out!

April 1, 2000: on the same date of the site's re-installation, the new Millenium Fractals 'room' has been created, with inclusion of a number of fresh fractal collages made in the true Synth Art spirit.

April 1, 2000: the Synth Art site has undergone a major re-design, - one can actually call it a partial re-birth. A new dedicated server (no longer hosted by Proteon Software), new look and new navigation. Hopefully, to everybody's satisfaction... Along that course, a great number of the older graphic works was re-discovered and published in its entirety (see, for example, the full fractals collection placed on the Images, years 1994-1995, page).