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This is the demo fragment nr. 2 (of 4) from the full Medici clip, scaled down from the original
800x600 to 280x210 size. Length 54 sec., no sound

Treasures of the Medici

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My new ambitious effort to combine seamlessly the computer-synthesised graphics with the medieval art masterpieces resulted in an 3,5 minutes-long animated show of the Medici family treasures guided by an ever-changing fractal 'agent'. Represented here are a few selected still frames and the 2nd fragment from the full clip. ">More....
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The Treasures of the Medici clip © 2001 V.Kritchallo

<== demo clip (mpeg4 avi, 950 Kb)

This animation work, in its full commercial size, is present on the SynthArt Vol. II CD-ROM
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