Into Grey Matter 2 colors AVI (13 Mb)
Purple Strands fractal image (60 Kb)
"Turbulence" 224x168 MPEG (3,3 Mb)
"Quest" 224x168 MPEG (3,4 MB)

   This page contains variations of the same fractal flight clip. The mpeg and avi animation files are very big (and long to play too), but your waiting time will be rewarded with an unique viewing   experience, I promise. Just make sure to turn off all the lights in your computer room...

        Click here to read more about these works and for instructions on how to play the clips.

Into the Grey Matter clips © 2000 V.Kritchallo

"Bacteria" 224x168 AVI (6 Mb)
These animation works, in their full commercial size, are available on the SynthArt CD-ROM
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