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Click on a thumbnail to begin downloading or playing a MPEG file. To play MPEG clips, I recommend VMPEG program (if you're using MS Windows). All clips are best viewed in true-color mode and with the 'Loop' option set on.

Sainte Famille (Tondodoni); 355x355, 480 frames, 3,3 Mb.

This is a really big movie, for the personal computers standard. At least, on a Pentium PC it took tremendous efforts and time from me to make (the resulting uncompressed AVI was about 175 Mb!). The clip features famous Michelangelo's 'Sacred Family' group making an endless zoom-in flight into the Mandelbrot spaces.

The Cluster; 320x200, 510 frames, 4 Mb.

Another pretty big one, though mainly because the second half of frames is a mirrored seq of the first one. Features an oddly shaped but yet attractive fractal going through various metamorphoses.

Kyoto Subway: the movie; 320x200, 185 frames, 4,2 Mb.

"Kyoto" is my favourite fractal scene; here you see a cyclical zoom-in flight into the Newton-basin space, where it belongs to.

A morph clip; 165x222, 118 frames, 155 Kb.

Will these faces morph into each other happily? Start playing and see yourself. Although this clip is quite small, it shows amazingly smooth transformation (which is really hard to achieve).

Cross ("Liquid Beatles"); 298x298, 180 frames, 1 Mb. This animation work, in its full commercial size and length, is present on the SynthArt CD-ROM

The Fab Four faces flowing into each other. Another successful morphing piece, with some unusual 'blue-screening' technique. Also, surprisingly good example of mpeg encoding from the usually so-so program called Corel Photopaint 6: at last, I saw a very good quality/compression ratio (though, it took 1 hour 50 minutes to compress on a P166!). Actually, there was almost one year delay until I found an encoder good enough to compress the original 48 Mb avi file (see the comments below).

 My comments.
Frankly, I'm unhappy with the current state of the movies-making technology on personal computers.
PCs, the top models including, are still too weak if you are going to produce any decent clip using them.
Rendering times, whether it's morphing or 3D, are unbearable and uncompressed files are too huge.
The best existing compressing techniques, like Intel's Indeo and MPEG, are still too far from requirements.
I couldn't find a good balance between compression ratio and quality of the clips, however I tried.
Possibly, many of you will give up from downloading of these files due to their size.
Believe me, I couldn't go further on compression without losing of more of the original colors and
getting of more artifacts.

It's pity, but until the compression technique will change dramatically, I hardly have an inspiration to produce more of fractal movies or morphing clips.
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