Pictures from a mountains paradise

(our vacations-2000 in Slovenia)

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Words can not express the endless beauty of the places that we visited with Katia on our vacations in September 2000 in Slovenia, one of the former republics of Yugoslavia. Situated largely in the area of Julian Alps and having a narrow corridor to the Adriatic Sea shore, near to Italy, it combines seamlessly the stunning majesty of its mountain landscapes with the poetic charm of its lakes and rivers. There were so many gorgeous places and moments and scenes during the seven days of our staying there, that my digital Olympus C-3030 Zoom camera (which is so great that I don't get tired to recommend it to everyone who hasn't decided yet on the brand to buy) was engaged most of the time in a permanent shooting mode.

Of all the hundreds pictures that we made in Slovenia, only 23 'best of the best' are represented here, many of the discarded ones were equally splendid or at least remarkable. From the pictures displayed on this page (framed and stylised slightly with some help from Corel's Photo-paint 10), you can get an impression on such 'highlights' of the country as the magnificent Bled and Bohinj lakes, amazing caves in Postojnska Jama, and various views of Bohinjska Bistrica area, the place where we stayed. ...Speaking of which reminds me to express once again my gratitude to my friend and colleague, a seasoned Slovenian programmer Urban Velkavrh (well, he is still a University student), who invited us, hosted and guided our staying at that place, and otherwise helped to make that time so memorable for us.

If you are still looking for equally beautiful and peaceful place to visit on your next summer or winter vacations, choose Slovenia: this is a true paradise, one of a very few places in Europe still undiscovered by the tourists crowd. One more nice detail is that it's located only in a few hours of driving from Venice in Italy, another eye-feest place of this continent (which we've also visited on one-day bus tour that are frequent from Slovenia).

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