About Synth Art and this site

Synth Art? No, it has nothing to do with the synthesizers or music (yet). That's a term I use to call my graphic works, based on a free use of the fractal images and other algorithmically-generated patterns. It's an ever-ongoing experience in synthesis of the 'cold' and 'perfect' computer images with the real-world pictures and pieces of 'traditional' (but also computer-assisted) art. A bit more on this artist's statement topic can be found on the author's artistic resume page.

This Synth Art site contains the results of my (as of August 2001) very intense, 6-years-long computer graphics experience, so the number of works exhibited can look daunting. But it's nothing to despair about: the site's design - despite its underlying complexity - is believed to be very visitors-friendly and easy to browse. By passing the mouse cursor over any of the four corners of the front page, you will 'activate' the four sections of the site: Info, Animations, Images and Rooms (and the recently added Shop), which you can access further on by clicking anywhere in those sections. Inside of the sections, click on any of the displayed thumbnails, to browse into the corresponding page.

Info contains various pages with: the descriptive information regarding the Synth Art and the site (this very page), the site author's artistic resume, the high-recommended Guests Book, an article from PEI (an american magazine) about the artist and his art. A big page called All U need is... offers useful info on computer graphics-making, a list of the tools used during this site creation, computer graphics market news, freebies to download. There is an extensive bookmarks/links page and the business page as well.

Rooms accumulate the most important Synth Art works grouped thematically into various pages. You can choose rooms of different periods by clicking on the year labels (from ancient to latest) on the right to the scrollable area. Since the pages in those Rooms have their own dedicated visual design, they can be a bit slow to load for those who are equipped with the older modems. If this is the case, and you get a bit impatient with them, go to the Images section in the bottom right corner, it will list all the works (without exception) indicated by small and easy to browse thumbnails; the images and their thumbnails are grouped simply by the year of their creation, so you'll need to choose the year first, by clicking on the label to the left of that section.

Finally, the Animations section references two pages with the computer-animated clips, - I wanted to separate them from the rest of the Synth Art's rooms and pages because I believe there are plenty of fans out here on the Web hunting only for the mpeg clips, - whatever that be...

This particular design is a dramatic step forward, I believe, comparing to that one of the first Synth Art exhibition (installed in September of 1995), it should make the site more observable, elegant and pleasant to browse, - and easier for me to extend too. But I still maintain the same design principle characteristic for all 'versions' of the site: the thematic pages ('Rooms') presenting thumbnails of still images and animations, are supposed to be the works of art themselves too, since web browsing through a computer art site is supposed to be an aesthetic experience as well. This my attitude, and also the richly colored kind of imagery which I create, makes the pages a bit heavier than those of many other sites, but the displayed result - hopefully - is always worth to wait. Anyway, this art was never meant for the 'surfers' with a short attention span.

Nevertheless, you can be assured that every effort was done to make the design elements of this site (all those thumbnails, background and buttons) as compact as possible, but ultimately without a loss of visual quality. With exception of the oldest pages, the 'weight' of the content is the lightest which one can only achieve with the current jpeg/gif/mpeg compression technology.

What else, having only 256 colors on your screen is simply not enough to view this graphics at its best. There is just no way to fit pages' contents into a single 256 (or, more exactly, 216) colors palette without damaging of its color design. Actually, the best viewing experience is achieved with your PCs video set to the true-color mode. Equally important, to see all the visual nuances of the pages and images here, I highly recommend to everyone viewing Synth Art to do it preferably at a night time and with all extra sources of light in the computer room turned off, if possible.

Browsers: by the year of 2001, the situation has changed and now I can not recommend Netscape anymore as the best browser for this site, - not for the latest layout, anyway. This particular browser (up to the latest v4.7 that I have checked) seems to have severe built-in alignment and window resize problems, so that you might see the sections of the front page shifted in one or more pixels, parts of the text hidden by the scroll bar in those narrow corner frames, misplaced page objects, and so on. In any case, only browsers of v4 and newer can display the site's contents properly, - and I recommend IE v5 over all the others.

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Wish you a very pleasant browsing experience,

Valery Kritchallo