Pages of the year 2001

Liquid Marble Liquid Marble

(August 2001)

This my 'virtual tribute' to the timeless sculpture art of Michelangelo and Rodin uses the splendid, re-discovered again DripWorld technique.

Fractal Papillon and Raie from Katia Fractal Papillon and Raie from Katia

(August 2001)

This series of bizarre organic-looking fractals, as well as the web page containing them, is made entirely by my beloved friend and partner Katia (whose native language is reflected so charnimgly in the image titles). Let's congratulate her with such remarkable debut on the digital art scene!

QTVR photo-landscapes QTVR photo-landscapes

(August 2001)

QuickTime Virtual Reality panoramas on SynthArt! Check out these incredibly immersive digital views of remarkable landscapes that I visited recently. The colleciton includes also innovative seamless fractal panoramas from my 'kitchen'.