Pages of the year 2000

Our vacations-2000 in Slovenia Pictures from a mountains paradise

(December 2000)

A series of stunning photo-images from the beautiful country of Slovenia.

Gold with many faces

(May 2000)

An advanced multi-media show featuring an artful jewelry collection. 'alive' slides, 3D animation, morphing, music, - all demonstrating Synth Art at its digital best. A kind of show which you can not find on the Web just yet...

Victor Solomin: domra transcriptions and performance

( May 2000)

Finally, a music page on Synth Art. Listen to a virtuoso playing Bach and other classical tunes, enjoy incredibly rich sound of the domra and... don't forget to send a note of encouragement to Victor, the site's first guest musician!

Millenium FractalsMillenium Fractals

( March 2000)

After a long break, author returns to his favorite art experience: fractal-based collages. And he likes the result...