Pages of the May 1998 - November 1999 period

Maroc, le splendideMaroc, le splendide

(Nov 1999)

is a page featuring a few photo-collage images inspired by the land and people of Morocco

Drip World Drip World

(Oct 1998)

an unique gallery of the most organic computer-generated imagery, made exploiting the fantastic FD Painter's drip cloning method

Digital Perfumes Digital Perfumes

(July 1998)

author's latest experiment in 3D design. True-to-reality, yet completely original works of imagination


Garden Of MirrorsThe Garden Of Mirrors

(May 1998)

this page features unique 3D mirror designs, so appealing, you will want to have them in your house for real...

Garden Of MirrorsSynth Art, Part 3

(May 1998)

this will bring you to the old Synth Art, Part 3 main entrance page (left intact). Referenced here only for historical reasons.