Pages of the June 96 - May 98 period

Colors and Shapes Colors and Shapes

Images of the purely synthetical character are found here, dedicated almost completely to fractals. Bizarre, but beautiful color gammas and forms, which you'll never find in our visible world.

Digitally Re-masteredDigitally Re-mastered

Here the real life elements come into play: photographed objects (human faces and other) are placed into synthetically generated environments. Note: This is a double room. Exercises in Style

Exercises In Style

This is not really an attempt to mimic famous painting styles or photo-retouching techniques, I was just having fun with the artistic graphical filters.

Somewhere in Space Somewhere In Space

Strange skies and landscapes. Extra dimensions and relativity. Unknown (flying?) objects, not exactly belonging here.

A Passion Play A Passion Play


These are the works I am most satisfied with. What sets these pictures apart from the rest of the series, is their emotional quality. Room Full Of Dimensions

Room Full Of Dimensions

These works are made with the 3D software, mostly under the great program called trueSpace, but I also enjoy using Bryce, the famous 3D-landscape generator. Note: This is a triple room.

Synth Art, Part 2 The Synth Art, Part 2

this will bring you to the old Synth Art, Part 2 main entrance page (left as it was). Contains more extensive remarks on the works of that period, but is referenced here mostly for historical reasons.