Pages of the Sep. 95 - June 96 period

Strange Space, Strange forms Strange spaces, Strange forms

Here you'll see fractals in all their weirdness and beauty, yet augmented by real-world species. They also make spectacular break-through into 3D world.

The gift of SensualityThe gift of Sensuality

Woman's face (and - yes - her body) can be implanted beautifully into an artificial, synthetic background. Results are sometimes truly stunning.

Hey you, sci-fi fansHey you, sci-fi fans

This dedicated section contains most characteristical works echoing my childhood fascination by the science fiction.

A touch of Magic A touch of Magic

I hope you'll have your share of amazement, looking at the colors and shapes revealed by the images at this room of the exhibition. A cold math?

The Chaos and the People The Chaos and the People

More on the 'human+fractal' superimposing' theme... I like to see as well what can happen with a geometrically decomposed and rearranged body (or a face) being thrown onto the electronic canvas some programmed way. Live Fractals: the very best of

Live Fractals: the very best of

This is a micro-gallery containing a number of my early, pure fractal images that I consider most essential from the whole collecton (150+) I created, - in all their appearance left intact.

Synth Art, Part 1 The Synth Art, Part 1

This will bring you to the old Synth Art, Part 1 main entrance page (left as it was). Contains more extensive remarks on the works of that period and generally on the fractals, but is referenced here mostly for historical - and nostalgic - reasons. Well, at least the famous Unlimited Virtual Trash Can will make visiting this page worth it :-)