Treasures of the Medici

Another attempt to combine seamlessly the computer-synthesised graphics with the medieval art masterpieces, an animated show of the Medici family treasures guided by an ever-changing fractal 'agent' (page installed in August 2001)

From young Marlon to the Godfather

A dramatic life story or a scientific ageing case study? Whatever. This striking morph animation will show you a smooth metamorphose from young Marlon Brando to his famous screen personage Don Corleone. 40+ years of life compressed in a 3 minutes slideshow, - you've got to see it! (page installed in November 2000)

Into the Grey Matter

An intriguing animation page with three variations of the same fractal flight clip. This will hypnotize you for a very long time, I promise. (page installed in May 2000)

Math Fantasy Clips

Five short but dazzling clips featuring animated 3D objects built of mathematical formulae (page installed in Sep 1999)

Don't miss this movie

Clips featuring fractal zoom-in flights, metamorphoses, and morphing (installed in Oct 1996). Warning: some clips, due to the distant time of their creation, might not play anymore under the latest MPEG players....