About fractals of the 1994/1995 years

Here is the full collection of my old fractal images (all 147 of them :-) which I created back in 1994/1995, when 'exploring' the Windows version of the famous Fractint program and discovering the wonderful world of fractals. By the year of 2000, when the new spread of powerful fractal program has arrived (see my latest experiments with such programs), with the most powerful functionality and user-friendliness ever, these my old works might look outdated a bit, so I represent them here mostly for the sake of completeness. Yet, many of them still look appealing and versatile, not to mention that a number of these images serviced as a base for the later, 'classical' Synt Art collages.

(btw, for those curious, here is the original fractals gallery displaying some of the fractals from this collection; despite it wasn't touched by me since 1995, it is still functional)

Note about the filesizes of the images here: I am sorry that some of them could be quite big for an average modem owner. Even the best jpeg compression programs can't sometimes handle properly this particular kind of computer-synthesized graphics, which resulted in files of such ridiculous (for a web page) sizes as 200 KB and up...