Our Lago Maggiore vacations - 2005

Third vacation season at this magnificent place of unspeakable beauty and joy, but excitement felt even stronger than before, when we came to stay here this August, to a small place called Oggebbio, situated on the Piedmonte side of the lake. Lago Maggiore is one place on Earth that will always haunt you in your memories, once you've got caught by its eternal magic. And not only the nature that deserves all such praises, it's also (traditionally excellent for Italy) food and clothes, an art to admire, dramatic history, and most of all, the people that inhibit this country, - they gave us an instant pleasure of social contact every time we'd met anyone of them. Looking forward to come to you the next time, Lago Maggiore!

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Last, but not least...

A page with photos of our 2004-2005 vacations on Lago Maggiore  If you feel like you could try browsing even more of our Lago Maggiore vacation photo-pages, here is the link to the collection of images from our previous seasons.

Review of the Nikon Coolpix 7900 camera Wondering about the camera that was used to make all these pictures? It's a new and very successful model from Nikon called Coolpix 7900, - I had a pleasure of using it throughout the whole vacations and recommend it to anyone from an amateur photographer- to a semi-professional.

`Snowy Delft`, a page of photo-impressions  Our place of residence is Delft, the Netherlands. This city, rich of dramatic history and famous art (birthplace of the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer), is built elegantly around a network of gracious canals and is considered - deservedly in my opinion - to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. As to us, inhabitants of this city, it is just a splendid place to live in. Enjoying a very mild climate, this city rarely sees any significant snow fall. But when it happens, it looks just breath-taking, - something that I managed to capture in early March of 2005. Enjoy this micro-exhibition!

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