Delft, March the 3rd, 2005 : a fairy tale city under snow

Not very often in this country of a very mild climate, but it happens: a day or two covered by a thick layer of snow. For Delft, a city of rich history and famous art (among other remarkable facts, it's a birthplace of the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer), and reportedly, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (to which I agree sincerely), this natural event caused its beauty only to become emphasized and augmented in many magnificent ways...


The Old Church (1) The Oostport towers (1)
The Old Church (2) The Old Church (3)
The Oostport towers (2)  Bicycles under snow (1)
A channel street in the old town (1) A snowy channel
A channel street in the old town (2)

Katia against the snow wall

Bicycles under snow (2)  A channel street in the old town (3)
Trees along the channel, engraved The "Rose" mill Katia: "Niet poepen"
  all pictures here are © 2005 V.Kritchallo