Alexandra, 50 KB
Bombyx De Lailante, 75 KB
Grand Monarque, 40 KB
Uranie Malgache, 76 KB
Morio, 76 KB
Zygene De La Filipendule, 38 KB
Grande Tortue, 62 KB
Diane, 53 KB
Paon Du Jour, 49 KB
Isabelle, 33 KB
Fractal Papillon
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Fractal graphics can often look incredibly organic. This page features a series of images (all made by Katia with UltraFractal 2 program) that might remind you some familiar creatures from our real world...
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Click on a thumbnail to see the full-sized image. When the cursor is over a thumbnail, the pop-up should tell the fractal's title and the image's size in kilobytes.