On this page you are invited to see a unique multi-media show featuring an artful jewellery collection. To the author's knowledge, this is the fisrt such full-scale attempt to represent golden jewellery objects by means of the most advanced digital animation and imaging tools. In this show, you will see stylized photo-slides of real jewellery objects placed on digital backgrounds. This will include inter- and intra-slide transitions, as well as a 3D model of the show's 'star', the golden Diana ring with 4 diamonds, rendered in an animation and with morphing transitions. You will hear the music too. It is certainly the most technologically advanced presentation of this kind that can be found on the Web these days, but it's also very heavy for downloading and will require very advanced PC equipment to play it on. This page (very recommended to read it first before starting the show) will tell you how to succeed in playing of this show on a typical (Windows) computer and other technical details on the show's creation and running. Click here to start the full Shockwave multi-media show "Gold with many faces".

Since the chances are high that the show won't play on many home computers, for one reason or another, I have prepared a 'light', Java-supported version of it (no 3D, no animation, no morphing, no transtitions, only running slides with the MPEG3-compressed sound). Click here to start it.

Note that this show was tested only with the Windows98 SE system and MS Internet Explorer 5. Still, having all this doesn't guarantee a smooth playback, though...

Note also that the purpose of this multi-media product is strictly to demonstrate possibilities of the digital media to display such traditional art objects as jewellery designs, as well as to show-case the artistic style of the author. Publication of this product on the Internet does not pursue any commercial or advertising goals related to promotion or sale of the jewellery products being demonstrated.

Wish you to enjoy the show, no matter what!

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This multi-media show © 2000 V.Kritchallo
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