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This might be my second most important discovery in the domain of the computer-generated imagery, - after the first great excitement, when I found how beautiful the fractals could be, back in 1994. This time, I was fascinated even more by revealing of how organic and painted-by-a-human-hand it can look, too. Most of these images, in their full commercial size, are present on the SynthArt CD-ROMs (within the LivingPictures show)
The recipe? Shortly, it goes like this: start the Fractal Design Painter program and try to clone any image using its drip cloning method in Auto-clone mode, but the brush size must be real big. Sit down, relax and watch how the computer paints in unspeakably stunning and ethereal brush strokes... This Drip World gallery represents some of the amazing results I've gotten with this technique, - adding in as well, in the true Synth Art spirit, some additional, more of the real-life origin, elements and objects and occasionally using a few other software effects, most notably the fantastic EyeCandy and marvelous Blade Pro filters. Any takers to try this technique?
to see the works, click on any of the 'drops' here the image's title should appear when the cursor passes over it...

Blue-orange palette


Red-Yellow Palette


Green palette


Gray-blue palette


Red-magenta palette

          Taste Of Light, 76 Kb       Green Capture, 46 Kb           Shallows, 36 Kb       Stars Of The Purple Sea, 40 Kb    
    Calling Ghosts, 32 Kb       Prototyping Viagra, 57 Kb       Wishful Reading, 65 Kb       Future Silk, 35 Kb       The Red Beetle's Way, 38 Kb   Reign Of Drought, 24 Kb  
  Summer Palette, 63 Kb       I Like Red, 80 Kb       Mimicry, 52 Kb       Ghost Of The Mirror, 46 Kb   Keepers Of Secret, 52 Kb       Up A Warm Stream, 28 Kb    
            Mirage, 72 Kb       In Thick Waters, 40 Kb       Piece Of Blue Sky, 46 Kb       Nocturne In Magenta, 23 Kb   Aereo, 39 Kb  
          Zeus And Clothilde, 67 Kb       Fear Of Masks, 38 Kb           Amazonian Curtain, 54 Kb       Fiery Harvest, 36 Kb    
            Welcome, 46 Kb                       Intangible Blanket, 22 Kb      
          Stanley Is Painting, 45 Kb                   Neglected Fragmentation, 94 Kb       Winter Palette, 72 Kb    
            Sarah, 42 Kb               A Flexible Scheme, 92 Kb       Milky Way Horse, 84 Kb      
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