Product preview

The Amazing Canvas's debut product, "Vermeer's Paintings Revived, Vol. 1" is planned for Spring 2010 release, the second volume will follow later on the same year. The two volumes together will feature from 16 to 20 paintings by the great Dutch master Johannes Vermeer of Delft, covering the most significant part of his oeuvre. Via the Contact page you can request a notification message to be sent to you, whenever the product is released and available for sale online. For the product's marketing purposes, it is also possible to request (via the same Contact page) a preview Blu-ray disk containing sample full-length animations of Vermeer's paintings to be mailed to those interested.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the most essential highlights of this pioneering product, including viewing of sample video clips, by clicking on any of the thumbnails below.

Animation effects
Creation fantasy
Fine detail
Digital restoration
Piano music
Technical prerequisites: the disk(s) included in this product can only be played in a Blu-ray player. A Full HD tv set capable of running at the 1080p resolution is highly recommended as the display device.