The Amazing Canvas Primer

(in a few more details)

Each painting included on the product's Blu-ray disk has been treated creatively by the Canvas' author, using a suite of sophisticated imaging and animation software tools, with the greatest care and respect for the master's work. The resulting 3 minutes-long video sequence (that you can set running indefinitely long, if desired, in a seamlessly looping fashion) features a set of highly nuanced, thought- and imagination-provoking effects incorporated organically into the original picture. (The most striking example of which could be the light and shadow in the famous Vermeer's contemplative works becoming subtly animated). At any given moment the painting on the screen looks just as it always has been for many years, - but a slight difference might be noticed here and there, over a short stretch of time, giving you a feeling of the Canvas' fluidity and magic... And that is how I believe this product will enrich in a completely novel way your appreciation of the fine artwork, help you to see (or perhaps only imagine seeing, why not?) something different, something new every time you watch it on-screen. Alternatively, you can leave it playing unattended in the background, and see it as another framed painting hanging in your room, - with the difference that The Amazing Canvas will still shine even in a total darkness!

Complementing the animated effects part in many ways in this product, are the paintings's fantasy creation clips (of the same 3 min. length, on average), a sort of 'making-of' captured brushstroke sequence (as imagined and recorded by the author, from the empty canvas to the final picture in its classical appearance), as well as fine-detail fragments of the work shown in a zooming fashion (see the Product preview pages, for more details). You will be able to see also the effect of the painstaking digital restoration work performed by the author for every painting on the course of this project. And the last, but not least: every video episode is accompanied by a perfectly-matching music track that was specially selected, arranged and performed for this product by a renowned classical piano player and composer Denis Ivanov, and recorded in the highest HD sound quality. (continued here...)


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