The Amazing Canvas Primer

(where the light - as painted by Vermeer - finally meets its digital counterpart)

Standing in front of a painted masterpiece in a gallery, captivated by its timeless beauty, or wondering about its secret meaning, haven't you ever wished that the scene in that painting would become alive? My guess is that many of you have dreamed of that before: to see the painting go magically animated, - if not full of motion and life, but perhaps showing hints of the painted person's passing thoughts and subtle emotion changes, or making the landscape breathe with a blowing wind and delicate interplay of sunlight and shadow. Wouldn't it be wonderful indeed, one day?

But what if we could have such little miracle enabled by some cunning trick of the modern technology already now? And be able to enjoy watching such 'living canvas' as often as we wish, in the comfort of our house?

Enter The Amazing Canvas. This web-site, and this pioneering video product are about to make that centuries-old wish come true. You will see a painting, with all its colours regaining their original freshness and vibrancy, coming alive on your dazzling Full HD tv screen. But not in the sense of being turned into a video-clip with a staged script and hired actors, of course, but rather via acquiring of subtle - or sometimes more pronounced - animation effects that would enliven the scene and bring some extra dimension into the artwork's digital version played from a Blu-ray disk. (Please note also that this is not another art slide show + expert commentary product either, - in fact, there is no written or spoken text in the video contents at all. Instead, this web-site does give you all the further online references that you might need). (continued here...)


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