"The Milkmaid" (orig. title: "Het Melkmeisje"), ca.1659

by Johannes Vermeer - a restoration sample

This particular painting has presented significant challenge for the restoration task, due to the massive number of cracks, scratches and various other paint degradation artifacts which plagued it. The painting's digital copy that was used as the restoration source was not free of its own artifacts either. After the painstaking work of cleaning up of the painting has been performed (with the help of a set of varying techniques, including the Healing Brush in Photoshop), a specially-designed virtual parchment texture was added organically into the painting, to enrich its basic texture. A fragment of the painting with the upper right part of the milkmaid's figure is shown here, to demonstrate the effect of restoration.

Before restoration
Boat fragment - original
After restoration
Boat fragment - restored