With many Vermeer's paintings featured in the product, a major digital restoration work has been carried out, to remove paint cracks, scratches and other time-induced visual artifacts, as well as to re-introduce lost detail into the painting's texture. For the latter purpose, using the Corel Painter 11 software, the author has designed about 40 various virtual brushes on the course of this restoration process, in order to match those presumably used by the great painter. With these virtual brushes, small dabs, sparkling dots or subtle strands of colour-matching paint were added into the high-resolution digital copy of the painting that would look organic to the painting's texture and at the same time enrich its appearance.

A few pages referenced here will demonstrate the results of such restoration work for you (click on the painting's thumbnail or the title link, to load the corresponding "Before" and "After" example pages).

The effect of restoration work can be observed during the Blu-ray disk playback of the painting's episode nr. 3 ("The Fine Detail"), featuring close-ups (the "growing zooms") where a fragment of the original smoothly changes its appearance from that of the poorly-looking original to the restored and enriched one.

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