The soundtrack on this disk is the result of the author's conscious effort to find music that would augment (if not match) the effect of depth, lyricism and sophistication characteristic for the Vermeer's paintings that the product features. In the author's view, only a certain kind of piano music could prove organic enough, when included to accompany these fine art masterpieces. After a long and exhaustive search, works of the classical French composer and pianist Erik Satie, as well as contemporary piano performers in the New Age genre, such as David Lanz, Craig Urquhart and Ludovico Einaudi, were chosen for this disk's soundtrack.

pianist Denis Ivanov

To carry out such challenging and pioneering work of selecting, arranging and performing of the chosen pieces for this product, a world-class pianist would be needed. The young, but already renowned Russian performer living in Germany, Denis Ivanov (pictured above), stepped in for this project and accomplished the complex task with all the dedication and brilliance.

Needless to say, the recorded sound of the resulting music pieces was also a subject of uncompromising quality requirements, that's why a state-of-the-art recording studio was used to capture the full richness of the piano sound, as played by Denis Ivanov, and record it in the DTS-HD Master Audio format that you can enjoy now during the Blu-ray playback.