"A Woman Holding a Balance" (orig. title: "De Dame met de Weegschaal"), ca.1663

by Johannes Vermeer - an animation effects sample



Note that the extracted 15-seconds demo clip on this page has been down-scaled from the original disk contents and further compressed in the web-friendly Flash video format; it therefore can not represent faithfully the end product's HD picture quality.

Just a few examples of the effects that you can observe in this animated painting (but not necessarily when watching this down-scaled extract from the episode): sunlight waves entering the room and illuminating the scene's objects (including dust particles ascending in the air), the curtain warping in a wave-like fashion, slowly-moving silhouettes drawn in the painting behind the woman, slight motion the woman's skirt and head-dress, glittering jewellery pieces and the weight scale in the woman's hand, motion within the texture of the woman's blue dress and the table cloth, moving reflection in the mirror, etc.