About the author

Valery Kritchallo (born in 1958 in Minsk, Belarus) is a visual media artist living in Delft, the Netherlands, renowned for his original SynthArt ("Synthesis Art") line of digital image compositions and animations made in the end of 1990s - beginning of 2000s. After having made a major comeback to the digital art scene at the end of the decade, he is now busy in the new field of advanced and innovative animations made predominantly for the Blu-ray high-definition video format.

Among his latest works are the truly unique "Celestial Graffiti" series of large-scale fractal animations (a dual-volume release), and another line of products for the HD market, titled Video-landscapes, which feature "living pictures" of stunning scenic views captured at various locations of the European continent.

This web-site is built to represent his most ambitious project to date, a double Blu-ray disk with computer-assisted animations of paintings by the great Johannes Vermeer of Delft, - with more animated masterpieces by various painters of the classical and modern fine art planned for later release. (As the work on this product is still in progress, you are presented with a preview of the future release on this site).

You can find out more about the author and the range of his current works on the artist's new valerykritchallo.com web-site, while the older works can be found at their original SynthArt address (no longer updated, but still available for browsing).

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