How the digital art had happened to me

My fascination and first experiments with the computer graphics began with fractals, as a side effect of a university project in math sciences back in 1994; the resulting collection of original fractal images published on the Web was one of the earliest of the kind at that time. A year later, after getting my hands on the first versions of the imaging and 3D software for PCs, I was feeling confident enough to try something beyond just rendering of fractal patterns, and soon enough I was making synthetic art compositions (or collages) that were progressing quickly in their technical qualities and complexity.

Ever since, I've been engaging myself in all kinds of computer graphics experiments, going from the conceptual collage art to 3D modeling to multi-media animations to discovering of new digital panting techniques, and much more, - never mind my lack of any kind of formal art education. I have always been on a lookout for new CG software tools and innovative ways of visual expression, persistently trying to come up with new techniques and art forms in the digital art. (The full extent of my experimental work of the previous decade can be seen on my older SynthArt web-site, no longer updated, but still available for browsing; or a very short summary on this site's Digital Art page). These efforts eventually resulted in some commercial success, including selling of a number of digital images on a global scale and contracts for lucrative online installations, but digital art still continues to be my alternative (though very exciting as well as demanding) occupation, - with the scientific research and computer programming remaining my main one.

A short bio

Born in 1958 in Minsk, republic of of Belarus (formerly a part of the Soviet Union). Graduated the Applied Mathematics faculty of the Belarusian State University in Minsk. Emigrated from Belarus to the Netherlands in 1991, live in Delft from that year on. Since 1994, work as a system research programmer at the Delft University of Technology. Have three grown-up children, all of which live in Minsk.

Artistic influences (in varying degree)

Some of the great artists whose works always captivate me: Bosch, R. van der Weyden, Caravaggio, P. Bruegel-elder, Vermeer, Rodin, Klimt, Dali, Escher, H.R. Giger, Mapplethorpe.

About this site

To my memory, I have been through no less than five consequent renovations or major updates of my former art web-site, SynthArt, since its launch in 1996; I have also built and launched many other (smaller) web-sites that I felt reasonably proud of, design-wise. This new site's launch in January of 2010 has a special meaning and significance to me, however, as it feels like a long-overdue comeback to the digital art scene, after almost a decade of my absence there that happened for a number of personal reasons. (Not a total absence, actually, but rather long retreat to the genre of traditional photography, - the results of which you can observe on the Selected photography summary page of this web-site). A few factors caused this comeback, I believe: discovery of the 'new' Blu-ray video-recording format (or, better put, recognition of its full potential), purchase of a new HD video camera and some others, - but most of all, devising of a couple of very original and promising ideas in the animation art that I can't resist trying out. The Amazing Canvas, Celestial Graffiti and Video-landscapes are all new, exciting projects of mine that - I hope - will generate a significant response and perhaps start off their own new art forms in the modern visual media.

If you are interested in getting in touch with me, here's the email address to write me to (please, replace the [...] part with the @ sign):


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